What is an ALF?
An ALF, or Assisted Living Facility, is a home like
setting for those who need help with daily tasks,
staff available 24 hours a day to provide assistance
and supervision to its residents.

What is the ALF's purpose?
The purpose of the ALF is to enhance its residents'
quality of life by enabling them to live at their
maximum potential.

Is an ALF right for me?
If you or your loved one is experiencing difficulties
with everyday tasks, and you feel that more supervision
and assistance would be beneficial, an ALF could be
right for you.

What can I expect?
As the ALF's resident, you can expect staff to assist with
meals, housekeeping and laundry, as well as, with hygene,
medications and doctors' appointments.

What is the ALF's pay source?
The ALF is reimbursed for services from the individual's
private funds, many times Social Security Income being
more than sufficient to cover the cost of care.

Is financial assistance available?
Some ALFs accept the OSS stipend which allows those
individuals with a very low income to reap the advantages
the ALF has to offer by supplementing their income with
government funds.

Will Medicare or Medicaid help pay?
Medicare or Medicaid cannot be used to reimburse an ALF for
services. However, they can be utilized to increase the
services one receives within the facility.